Sishuo Chen (陈思硕) is a master student of Center for Data Science, Peking University, advised by Prof. Xu Sun (孙栩). He received his bachelor’s degree in computer science and a double bachelor’s degree in economics from Peking University in July 2021. Currently, he is working on the research topics about natural language processing and trustworthy machine learning.



  • 2019.7-2020.5, Research intern at Megvii Research (Face++)
  • 2020.8-2021.3, Data mining intern at the user profile team of Bytedance


Google Scholar

  • Translation as Cross-Domain Knowledge: Attention Augmentation for Unsupervised Cross-Domain Segmenting and Labeling Tasks, Ruixuan Luo, Yi Zhang, Sishuo Chen and Xu Sun, Findings of EMNLP 2021 Paper Code

  • Feature Space Singularity for Out-of-Distribution Detection, Haiwen Huang, Zhihan Li, Lulu Wang, Sishuo Chen, Xinyu Zhou and Bin Dong, published at the Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Safety 2021 (SafeAI 2021) co-located with AAAI 2021 Paper Code
  • More works under review, to be released


  • Award for Scientific Research at Peking University, 2018-2019 and 2019-2020
  • The Third Prize of Peking Univeristy Scholarship, 2019-2020


  • Teaching assistant for Introduction to Computation, directed by Prof. Qi Su
  • Peking University admissions volunteer in Fujian


  • 2021-07: I graduated from Peking University with a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a double bachelor’s degree in economics.
  • 2021-11: I organized a group night run attended by thousands of students at Peking University to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Angela Zhang’s debut.